Is Your Refrigerator Water Filter Really Effective?

Refrigerator with built-in water filter is the great option for all those who want to purchase a refrigerator. So, why you shouldn’t purchase a fridge that can filter your drinking water? Such filtration systems are specially designed to remove man-made chemicals, chlorine, benzene, volatile organic chemicals, and radon. But they have some limitations in comparison with countertop or dedicated whole house filtration systems. If you are considering to buy refrigerator water filters, then you should keep in the mind various factors such as


There are numerous built-in refrigerator filters that use activated carbon just like filtration system. These systems work through a procedure which is called adsorption. This process causes contaminants in order to stick to the filtration media. To determine how to activate charcoal filters minimize contaminants, the main consideration is size.

What Your Refrigerator Water Filter Can Remove?

If we talk about carbon filters, they offer less or no protection against various heavy metals and inorganic contaminants such as copper, arsenic, nickel, mercury, thallium, cadmium, barium, fluoride, and more. On the other hand, when it comes to highly specialized activated charcoal filters, they can remove lead. As well, reverse osmosis filters can remove lead, minerals, and other heavy metals.


One big issue with built-in refrigerator filter system is the cost of filter replacement. The top reason behind this is that activated charcoal filters work by adsorption. Such systems usually clog up with contaminants and require replacement.


The best part about built-in refrigerator water filters is that they offer convenient. But keep in the mind that they give filtered water at one location i.e. your kitchen or wherever they are installed. On the other hand, whole house filters give safe and clean water from any tap in the house whether you are washing clothes, bathing, cleaning dishes or even cooking.

Hope above factors will help you pick the right refrigerator water filter for your home!

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