The Importance of Drinking At Every Stage of Life

As summer approaches, it is always good to remember the importance of drinking lots of water, especially for those who need it most: children and the elderly.

Children feel less thirsty, and at the same time they are the ones who should drink more because water plays a very important role in the development of the organism. The problem is that many of them don’t drink enough water, preferring instead fizzy drinks or drinks full of preservatives. Children who drink the right amount of water daily have greater concentration and good physical condition.

Education about a Correct Habit of Drinking Enough Water Should Start with Breastfeeding

For mothers, slightly or moderately mineralized water is recommended, well tolerated even by the body of the newborn. Furthermore, the low mineralized or low mineral waters have a low concentration of minerals and therefore do not alter the balance of the milk powder, on the contrary they make it more digestible thanks to their solvent action which entails a lower renal load of solutes. It is an extremely important step because in early childhood the renal elimination capacity is not yet fully developed and for this reason a controlled supply of mineral salts is necessary. Even in the months before the birth it would be appropriate for mothers to use filtered and purified water instead of bottled water from supermarkets.

The World Health Organization itself recommends for the well-being of small waters low in sodium and with reduced nitrate values, which should always be less than 10 mg / l.

In particular, nitrates and the fixed residue must be kept under control. The best choice is to use light water with a very low residue. Research has also shown that the intellectual quotient of children living in areas with high presence of fluorine is lower than that found in children living in areas with low presence of fluorine. Unfortunately, in Italy water from aqueducts often contains chlorine and fluorine in quantities exceeding the legal limits. Reverse osmosis purifiers are the only equipment on the market capable of filtering fluorine.

Even for the elderly it is always good to maintain adequate hydration, although the sense of thirst over the years has diminished.

Usually, most older people take diuretics, both for heart failure and hypertension. These drugs, however, can cause imbalances between the different electrolytes in the body, with alterations in the amount of sodium and potassium, and to suffer is the correct hydration of the person. It is necessary to establish an objectively variable minimum quota, for example one bottle a day is a great way to keep your daily fluid intake under control.

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