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This business is founded on the premise of motivation as a consumer of paying too much for a brand name refrigerator filter. We wanted to offer a Best Fridge water filter type of the same great quality. These refrigerator filters are w.q.a. approved and have been tested, to meet and perform at the same standards of filters for refrigerators in the industry. So we have met our goal by offering discounted oem fridge filters at a cheaper price. Some discount fridge filters cut corners in their quality, Our line of refrigerator filters do not.

We want to be there when you buy your first house, when you’re checking off your to-do list. Filterforfridge.com even remembers what refrigerator filter you’ve selected in the past and reminds you when it’s time to replace your fridge filter.

Here are some of the main brand filters that we offer:
GE Mwf
KENMORE 469101
KENMORE 46-9990





The good news is that the Icepure water filter, or the Polar fridge filter are both quality fridge filters that eliminate impurities from your water. Being discount fridge filters doesn’t make them any less type of filter. A fine example would be a Maytag UKF8001 which is a Best Fridge water filter original brand type filter. If your refrigerator utilizes a UKF8001 filter you could conserve money by purchasing an Icepure water filter RFC0900A, or Polar PF8001 replacement filters for refrigerators instead. A suitable off brand refrigerator filter, like the RFC0900A, is among the most effective methods to save money when it’s time to replace your water filter.

So if you are trying to find a way to obtain effective filters for refrigerators like a GE MWF filter we recommend looking at purchasing the Icepure RFC0600A instead. It is around 40% less in cost compared to the original brand. However if you prefer oem filters, or original manufactred/installed filters in your refrigerator, we offer them at a reduced fridge filter cost. At Filterforfridge.com you can discover many compatible filters especially for the Maytag UKF8001, or the MWF filter, or to match a wide range of refrigerator filters. Our filters will certainly eliminate the very same contaminants from your consumed water.

We want to be a part of your home ownership routine, for life. From finding the right refrigerator filter, to ordering and receiving your fridge filters, as well as simplifying your life.

1: High Prices

No one wants to pay up to $75 for filters for refrigerators, and the prices of fridge filters are rising dramatically. It’s because name brand refrigerator filters are never offered as discount fridge filters. Their goal is to profit, probably 50% of their profit comes from their refrigerator filters over the course of your ownership of your refrigerator by making as much profit as they made from the sale of their refrigerator. We offer a lower priced oem filter to make it more affordable. Much like printers that are sold cheaply, but they gouge you for the ink. Our site sells filters for refrigerators at reasonable prices . We are not looking to make massive profits on refrigerator filters. We sell at a high volume to ensure that each person who buys from us gets the price they deserve for their fridge filters. We have structured our business to offer discount fridge filters, and we do not try to profit from our customers with ridiculous pricing for a fridge filter.

2: Different Filters

We purchase our filters for refrigerators in bulk, and we offer these discount fridge filters at a low price to our customers. You may search our catalog of filters for refrigerators online to learn about all the fridge filters we offer, and we will offer new refrigerator water filters in the future, so if you don’t see your refrigerator filters available today refer back soon. Or drop us an email, and let us know which filter you want us to offer. We understand that your refrigerators are your main source of ice, and drinking water, and we will sell to you in quantities of 1-4 packs of refrigerator filters if you like.

3: Consistent Replacement

We keep a large inventory of Best Fridge water filters. The filters for refrigerators must be replaced every six months, or 300 gallons, whichever comes first. We are happy to give you an email reminder when it is time for your replacement. You may set up an automatic order reminder that will send a refrigerator filter replacement email to your preferred email box every six months. This will allow you to replace your fridge filters quickly, and with little effort. And the refrigerator filter will arrive at your home at the time of your need. We don’t automatically send filters, only upon your request do we send out filters.

4: Our Filter Quality

We only sell water filter refrigerator type filters that have quality seals from the WQA . The Water Quality Association evaluates filters for refrigerators, and each refrigerator filter is marked with the ISO 9001 rating and the NSF seal. We do not sell filters of low quality, and we do not sell any fridge filter that does not match your refrigerator water filters specs. Like Maytag UKF8001, we have Icepure RFC0900A, a very compatible and high quality water filter. You will learn quickly that your refrigerator filter changes the quality of the water you drink, and you should ensure that your family is drinking adequate amounts of water daily. The average person is supposed to consume 8 glasses of water per day. Our quality guidelines help your family drink the proper amount of water every day without consuming dangerous contaminants.

The best refrigerator water filters need not be so expensive that you cannot afford them. We never want you to pay too much for a refrigerator filter, and we have created a business that provides you with discount fridge filters. Contact us today for your first fridge filter order, and we can set up your automatic renewal account for your new refrigerator filter. Have a great day.



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