Bottled Water Vs Water from Refrigerator Filters

Bottled Water Vs Water from Refrigerator Filters

We often tend to use bottled water instead of installing a filtration system in our homes because we think that bottled water is much safer than any other sort of water. However, I feel sorry to break the bubble to you that bottled water is also not that safe according to Consumer Reports’ research. Why so? This is because despite undergoing all kinds of treatment bottled water is found to have considerable amounts of arsenic- at least 3 ppb to be more specific which may cause harm which we all should want to avoid.

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What are the specific harmful effects of Arsenic?

Long-term, chronic exposure to arsenic has been linked to cancer.

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Refrigerators are extremely efficient in purifying water coming to our homes directly from tap. The technology utilized is adsorption by an adsorbing element. This adsorbing element is mainly activated carbon. It removes chemicals and harmful substances by absorbing them, and as a result removes odor, and bad taste as well. Also, if you reside in an area where hard water is more prevalent, refrigerator filters will keep your water dispensing system clean and reduce lime-scale build up. There are various types of refrigerator filters available in the market based on the amount of usage and the quality of water you wish to consume anytime. More advanced filters are able to remove greater number of harmful substances such as lead, mercury, herbicides and pesticides containing arsenic.
With the usage of fridge filters, waste is highly reduced. This is because 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day in the US. 2 million tons to plastic water bottles in the US end up in landfills, lakes, streams and the ocean.

$16 billion- Volume and producer revenues for the US bottled water market in 2016. $600 is the amount you save every year for switching from bottled water to fridge filtration systems using refillable containers.

Water from fridge filters are far more clean than packaged drinking water which should be of utmost importance to us. Many filters clean water by reverse osmosis. Pressure is put on the incoming water which then flows through a semi permeable membrane that traps contaminants and the water comes out clean. Get fridge filters with pore size equal to 1 micron or less to effectively get rid of contaminants.

Thus, installing personal filtration systems is much better than drinking water from purchased bottles as it reduces your exposure to arsenic by great levels and ensures your protection from a wide variety of harmful effects that arsenic is known to have.

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