5 Most Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Buying Refrigerator Water Filters

A glass of pure and clear drinking water is the need of the hour especially in summer days. According to the experts, every person should drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday to keep himself or herself hydrated. It is essential to ensure that your water is tasty and pure. If you are looking for the cost-effective way to get cool and clean drinking water, then you should invest in a refrigerator water filter from top brand. But now the question is how to pick the right system? Below are some most common mistakes that you should avoid when buying your refrigerator water filter.

#1 Picking the Wrong Fit

When you are going to select your water filter, one of the most important steps is to find a filtration system that works perfectly with your refrigerator model. If you attempt to install the wrong system, then it may lead to irreparable damage to your fridge. Ensure that you choose the filter that fits properly.

#2 Choosing the System with Wrong Certification

The NSF certified label is created by the Public Health and Safety Organization to standardize your water filter safety. Make sure that your water filter is NSF certified to establish compliance with regulations and laws for the safety of water.

#3 Selecting the Wrong Water Filter Brands

There are so many water filter brands available and hence, it becomes a daunting task to find the right company. The best way is to choose the brand is that you should pick the brand which goes well with your refrigerator.

#4 Change Your Water Filter at Wrong Time

Most of us don’t know what is the right time to change the refrigerator filter. If you change your refrigerator dispenser most frequently, then you can enjoy cold and tasty water. This will also save your precious time and money. Just replace your filter whenever you notice any problem with it.

#5 Pick Expensive Package

Ensure that your water filter is affordable. Focus on quality and save your time and money by buying a double pack from most companies. If we talk about water filters, they can be expensive. But by changing them on regular basis, you can prevent buildup in your fridge and unfiltered, unsavory funk in the water. If you pick the bigger package, then you can save your time and money every time.

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Here’s How You Can Find Out Counterfeit Water Filters

In our kitchen, the most essential tool is a water filter – be it is attached with your sink or built-in filter in the refrigerator. This will make sure that you will get clean drinking water. If we talk about water filters, they need to be changed on a regular interval which is not so cheap. But you can not cut corners on these filtration systems because they may put your health at risk. According to a recent study, the market is filled with counterfeit water filtration systems which is a serious concern.

Such filtration systems can impose serious health issues to the user. The main issue is that such items taste, smell and look fine; but they don’t remove any harmful chemicals from the water. So, what you can do to make sure whether your water filter is original or counterfeit?

Top Signs of Counterfeit Water Filters

1. Weight: – If we talk about original water filters, they are made up of dense filtering materials which add weight to the cartridge. On the other hand, counterfeit systems are lighter as compared to original ones. The top reason behind this is that they have less carbon as well as other filtration products which are required to filter water in a proper way.

2. Great Packaging: – There are numerous counterfeits which are specially designed to make their look expensive and also, most trusted with shiny finish or glossy on the box.

3. Certification: – When it comes to deceptively labeled or counterfeit products, they don’t have any authentic symbol of certification on the packaging. Some have a small logo to misguide the consumers that products are tested without bringing any notice to the fact that they are counterfeit.

4. Price: – Counterfeit water filters are available at various online shopping stores for less prices than top branded filters which are guaranteed and tested to cater to strict government and industry standards.

How to Avoid Yourself Purchasing Counterfeit Water Filters?

It is really very difficult to tell the difference even for experts between a counterfeit and legitimate model. So, it is always suggested to shop from trusted manufacturers. If you are planning to buy a water filter online, then you should purchase from suppliers that sell premium quality, and original products to the customers.

We, at Filter For Fridge, offer top branded refrigerator water filters that are compatible with top fridge models. Some of the companies are General Electric, Bosch, LG, Kenmore, Perfectpure, Maytag, and so on. Visit our website now to buy original and top branded fridge filters!

top branded refrigerator water filter

Make Your Drinking Water Healthier with Refrigerator Water Filters

Today, we all want to drink water that is free from contaminates, and healthy. No matter, who you are – an adult or a child, you should ensure whether your water is free from impurities or not. In the present time, most people from the developed countries drink water directly from the tap. However, it goes under filtration and intensive cleaning process before reaching the home. Still, there are numerous drawbacks. If we talk about tap water, chlorine and fluoride are present in the water which is really bad in taste and odor. So, it becomes crucial to buy a good refrigerator water filter. Using such filters, you can remove chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride which enhances the taste of water.

Such filtration systems also help to make the drinking water healthier, and safe to drink. By investing in them, you can minimize the chances of health risks. The best part about them is that you can save your hard-earned money consuming on gallons of water. What’s more, they are environment-friendly which put impact upon ecology. If you want pleasant cold drinking water, then you should invest in filtration systems.

There is a renowned online shopping store that offers a range of refrigerator water filters to select from. Some top brands they represent are Bosch, General Electric, Kenmore, Maytag, Onepurify/IcePure, Frigidaire, Perfectpure, Whirlpool/Everydrop, Samsung, Pur, LG, and many more.

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If you are facing problem to find Kenmore fridge filter, then look no further. Can’t decide which is the best water filter for you? Just use their cross-reference filter tool today that will let you find, compare and buy the right fridge water filter for you. If you want to get more information about filtration systems, then you can read on their blog.

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Top 5 Water Filtration Systems for Refrigerator

Do you have a refrigerator? So, you might have an ice or water dispenser. Such devices use water filters to make the water purified. They not only capture harmful bacteria, but they can also eliminate other chemical particles like chloride which is absorbed by water before reaching the home. By picking the best water filters, you can enjoy pure and fresh drinking water. While picking the right filter, you need to keep in the mind various criteria such as brand, price, etc. 

 Here’s the list of top 5 water filters for refrigerator: –

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter is an NSF certified fridge filter that is mainly used in select GE French-door refrigerators. Being a great choice, it can filter select pharmaceuticals, lead, chlorine-resistant cysts, and five trace pharmaceuticals. But it comes with higher price tag.

EveryDrop Water Filter

If you are looking to buy a sophisticated NSF certified water filter, then you should opt for EveryDrop Water Filter. The best part about it is that it can eliminate 24 contaminants including pesticides, lead, pharmaceuticals, waterborne parasites, etc. It offers a huge range of bottom-freezer, top-freezer and side-by-side refrigerator models from top manufacturers. Such filters can manage to filter ‘every drop’ thoroughly and correctly.

Frigidaire ULTRAWF Refrigerator Water Filter

Frigidaire ULTRAWF Refrigerator Water Filter is one of the efficient performance models while supports a huge variety of fridge brand. If we talk about push-to-lock installation, you will find it simple. The processing rate is fast of 0.5 gpm (1.9 L/min).

LG LT700P Replacement 200

LG is one of the top electronics companies that produce water filters compatible with numerous LF fridge models. Such models are ideal for water resources which contain high chemical and metal quantity. Using them, you can eliminate chlorine, asbestos, mercury, lead, benzene, and also lead. They are certified to deliver healthy, odorless and clean water. If we talk about installation, it is easy to install because of small and compact size.

Samsung Genuine DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung is an industry leader in the world of consumer electronics and it has made a great recognition to produce exceptional quality filters. They are NSF certified that uses top grade carbon block technology. Such filters are ideal for eliminating harmful chemicals, microbial cysts, and heavy metals. They give better tasting water.

 So, these are some top 5 refrigerator water filters that help to remove harsh chemicals and contaminants. But you should replace them time to time. Finding the right fridge water filter for you? Just explore our website today!

Different Types of Water Filters That Fit Best for You and Your Family

Water is one of the most essential parts of our lives. We use water on the daily basis to wash our clothes, water our gardens, keep ourselves hydrated and even, cook food. If we talk about water, it is not pure and clean at all. It contains a lot of harmful toxins and chemicals that your local government may ignore. So, if becomes essential to make it safe for consumption. The market is filled with a plenty of filters that are designed for home consumption.

A) Pitcher-Style Water Filters

If you want to keep your family safe from harsh chemicals and toxins, then you should use pitcher-style water filters. Such filters are less expensive and easy to install. Using them, you can easily remove a lot of chlorine which is found in tap water. They mainly use granulated charcoal for purifying the water which not only improves its taste, but also minimize all the toxic minerals/chemicals with toxic elements for instance, mercury, arsenic, and lead.

B) Ro (Reverse Osmosis)

Just opposed to pitcher-styled water filters, RO filters can be easily installed in the home. If we talk about RO filtration systems, they have a membrane along with fine holes. You can install them under your sink instead of attaching them directly to the sink’s faucet.

C) Carbon Block Filters

When it comes to carbon block filters, they come either in in-line filtration devices or built into a standalone device. Such systems utilize a solid block of activated carbon for eliminating odors, contaminants and odd taste. The best part about them is that they are less expensive as compared to other water filters. On top of that, they are made up of easy to find and durable materials.

D) Water Distillers

One of the best ways to eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals is water distillation. Such devices evaporate the water at very high temperature that resultant to release of steam from the distiller. Using them, you can safeguard your home water supply in an effective way.


The selection of water filters totally depends upon which is the best for your family depending upon the personal preference and what are the uses of water. For example, If you want to purify small quantity of water, then you should opt for pitcher-style filters. On the other hand, water distillers and reverse osmosis are the most suitable for reducing most pathogens. Besides, the efficient and inexpensive systems are carbon block filters that work excellent job to eliminate harmful contaminants. To find out the compatible refrigerator water filter for you, simply check out our entire range today!

Demystifying Distilled Water and Water Distillers

In our daily life, one of the most important parts is drinking water. Hence, it is essential to get pure and clean drinking water. If you are looking for the best way to produce healthy and clean water, then the most popular choice is water distiller. We know that water contains a range of impurities such as contaminants, nutrients and minerals. But when it comes to distillation, it can eliminate such impurities through evaporation and boiling.

What is Distilled Water?

Distillation is a process wherein total dissolved solids (TDS) are removed from the water just as deionization (DI) and reverse osmosis (RO). To eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a carbon postfilter can be added to a water distiller. Using water distiller, you can remove contaminants such as salts and heavy metals by just boiling the water, turn it into steam and thereafter, into a liquid.

Where the Distilled Water is Used?

This purest form of water is used in dental practices and medical labs most commonly. You can use it for water for pets, cooking, watering plants and also, in aquariums. It is perfect to be used in household appliances like CPAPs, espresso makers and humidifiers.

Is Distilled Water Really Safe to Drink?

A big question haunts in everybody’s mind ‘whether distilled water is really safe to drink’? Distilled water is free from various contaminants such as magnesium, sodium and calcium. Due to this, the taste of distilled water will be unappealing and flat. Also, one main risk is that you will not get essential minerals that are required for your body.

Benefits of Using Water Distillers

Below are some top health benefits of using a water distiller: –

1. Eliminate Viruses and Bacteria

If we talk about water distillers, they clean the water two ways – boiling and steaming. Boiling water can kill numerous active viruses and bacteria. Moreover, whenever the water turns into the steam, it can leave virus and bacteria behind.

2. Free from Carcinogenic Chemicals

The process of distillation can remove numerous chemicals. There are certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can be eliminated removed by vents and by filters for colder than boiling glass in the water distillation system.

3. Get Fresh Distilled Water at Home

By investing in water distillers, you can get fresh water every day at your home which you can either store in storage container or pour it into the glass and give you a host of health benefits.

4. Keep Your Body Clean

If you drink addictive-free and mineral-free water, then you can flush out minerals, toxins and other harmful chemicals from your body. On the other hand, if we talk about regular water, it is loaded with minerals as well as other chemicals that are less effective to flush out the body.

5. Remove Unnecessary Contaminants

When it comes to distilled water, it has no iron, fluorine, salt or other unnecessary minerals. By removing harmful chemicals and other contaminants from the water, you can get extremely healthful water.

Yes, distilled water is safe, but terrible tasting, so the best thing anyone can do to actually drink their water is filter it, and enjoy great tasting water that way.

Refrigerator water filters are the most convenient way to do that.


Here’s How You Can Care Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

In all over the world, most people often overlook filtering water and consider it as an unnecessary luxury. They don’t know that it offers a lot of benefits. This will not only help you improve your water taste, but it will also make it more healthier and cleaned for consumption. If we talk about Whirlpool refrigerators, they come with either an automatic ice machine or a water dispenser which uses filters to provide clean water to drink.

Why You Should Use Filters?

When it comes to municipal water, it contains chlorine that gives water unwanted chlorine odor and taste. It may also contain chemical contaminants and heavy metals which can be dangerous for your health. If you want to make your water safe and clean-tasting, then you should use Whirlpool refrigerator water filters. Such filters are beneficial for the individuals with chemical sensitivities. Using them, you can protect yourself from any harm by eliminating certain chemicals like lead and chlorine which may cause dangerous reactions. Below are few tips that will help you enjoy the benefits of owning a refrigerator water filter: –

Replace Your Filter Regularly

Every refrigerator water filter needs to be replaced every 6 months. However, some may require to be changed less or more frequently. The filter changing time totally depends upon the level of water contaminant level passing through the filter and the filter used itself. If you don’t change your filtration system, then the water quality will decrease drastically.

Pick the Right Filtration System

Selecting the right water filter for fridge is crucial not only to keep system running smoothly, but also to dispense clean water. Today, water filters for fridge come in different sizes and shapes. So, you should first determine which filtration system is compatible with your fridge. Check out whether they have certifications and guarantees from top safety standard organizations such as ANSI and NSF.

Follow Instructions & Recommendations by the Manufacturer

If you are going to replace an old filter and install new one, then you don’t forget to follow the recommendations and instructions given by the manufacturer. Your manufacturer may recommend to perform actions like flushing by permitting water to run through it for some time just before its normal usage. By doing so, you can remove contaminants from the line beyond the filter.

Check Warning Signs

However, most water filtration systems come with a change filter light. But if you are experiencing any unusual or metallic taste in your water, then it is time to change your filter. This will help you prevent from any health problems.

Keep Your Refrigerator Cleaned 

Dirty refrigerators may accumulate bacteria and odor which can pass into your drinking water dispensed by your system. To cleaning your fridge properly, you should clear its contents and wipe out all the interior surfaces clean with a mixture of water and dishwater soap.

Summing up

Hope the above-mentioned guidelines will help you make the most out of your fridge filtration system. If you are considering to replace your filter for fridge, then make sure that you pick top quality filters that may give you the protection that you require. To learn more about water filters for fridge, just keep reading our blog.

Going to Purchase Whole House Water Filters? Here’s a Guide for You!!

In any household, one of the most essential things is a water filter that values its overall health. Today, the market is filled with different models and makes to select from. But the question haunts everybody’s mind is ‘why do you require water filters?’ The source of your water is the municipal water feed. But do you know that your water distribution pipes are filled with microorganisms, debris, and dust? So, will you get the best drinking water solution? No, not at all! If we talk about water distributed by the municipality, it contains chemicals like fluoride and chlorine. Here comes the significance of using water filters. Such systems come equipped with one of four materials such as Ion Exchange, Distillation, Activated carbon, and Reverse Osmosis.

Should You Go with Water Filtration or Purification?

Most people prefer to boil water for purification. In most survivalist exercises and campsites, boiling water is considered as the most efficient system to eliminate contaminants. But the drawback is that it can’t remove higher boiling-point liquids and heavy metals. Today, most people opt for water filtration to filter the water of impurities.

Whole House Water Filters

Today, whole house water filters are considered as the most viable solution for your water needs such as cooking, bathing, showering, brushing the teeth, drinking, etc. They are available in two versions – standard capacity cartridge and heavy-duty filtration.

A) Standard Capacity Cartridge

If we talk about Standard Capacity Cartridges, they are basic cartridges which are either active carbon filters or ion exchanges that are placed as a unit by every individual outlet. Such filtration systems are needed to be changed on regular basis.

B) Heavy-duty Filtration

On the other hand, heavy-duty filtration units come with numerous membranes (RO) and filters and a 50-foot tank. Such units provide 5 to 7 years of purified as well as filtered water before changing the media.

Installation Process

When it comes to the installation of a heavy-duty filtration unit, you require a professional or a plumber who will visit your place and check out the requirements. Thereafter, he will suggest you which system will suit best for your place and budget/options offered. Keep in mind that heavy-duty water filters will be installed at the source of the water – the mains just after the meter.

If you are considering to install a standard capacity cartridge, it is something that you can place of your own or with the help of a plumber under every faucet at your home. 

Important Factors that You Should Consider When Water Filter Systems Installation

When installing a water filter at your home, you should keep in the mind various factors.

Filter Size
Flow Rate
Port Size
Filter Life

Water Filtration Systems Brands

However, there are so many companies available that offer such systems. But amongst all, top companies are:

Aqua-Pure AP110

The Aqua-Pure AP110 is the perfect model for all those who are budget-conscious homeowners and don’t want to make any compromise on quality. Its cartridge filters rust and dirt in addition to other contaminants. This model comes in an economical two-pack and should be changed in every 6 months.

Culligan D-20

On the other hand, Culligan D-20 utilizes a granular activated carbon filter that helps to eliminate excess chlorine and other contaminants. It is perfect for both well water and city water supplies. This filtration system is ideal for a year or 1,000 gallons.

Some other most popular brands are Pentek, Filtrex, Omnifilter, GE, and KX Technologies.

Summing Up

The market is filled with numerous household water filters and therefore, you should select them carefully according to specific household requirements. We, at Filter For Fridge, are one of the trusted online shopping stores from where you can purchase top branded water filters in just a few clicks. To know what we are offering, just explore our website now!

Quick Guide on When to Replace Filters Installed at Your Home!!

Do you want to create a great environment at your premises? So, replace your home filters on the regular basis! Presently, there are numerous filters available that need to be replaced/cleaned. Here, we bring to you some valuable information on how often you should change or replace your filters installed at your place.

Refrigerator Water Filters

Don’t know how to get pure & clean drinking water that is good in taste? Just invest in refrigerate water filtration system at your home! However, it is suggested by experts to replace it on every 6 months. If you notice that your water has bad taste or dispenser is running slowly than usual, then it is the time to change the system.

Air Purifiers

The market is filled with a range of air purifiers and every filter needs to be changed on its filter type: –

Pre-Filters: – Need to be cleaned in 30 days
Carbon Filters: – Replace in every three to six months
HEPA Filters: – Replace in every 12 to 18 months
Permanent Filters: – Clean in 3 months and replace when damaged

Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are one of the best investments for all those who want to get rid of harmful air contaminants. It also helps to run the system efficiently. According to experts, you should change it at least three months. Also, replacement of furnace filter totally depends upon few things such as your home location, home age, number of people suffering from allergies, etc.

Range Hood Filters

Inside the range hood above the stove, you may find numerous hood filter. There are many models that have filter maintenance lights. Such lights will let you know when to replace such filters. If there is no feature, then you should check and clean the filters in every one to three months.

Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Vacuum cleaner filters are the essential parts of vacuum cleaner that can capture debris and dirt easily. Such filters assist to increase your vacuum lifespan by giving protection to mechanical parts of the vacuum from dust and dirt. Many manufacturers suggest to change them on every 3 to 6 months.

Humidifier Filters

Do you know how often you should replace your humidifiers? Well, it totally depends upon water quality as well as usage. You have to change them on every 1 to 2 months. If you use the system on the daily basis, then you should change it every two months. On the other hand, if you have hard water, then change it in a month.

If you have any filter at your home that you need to be replaced/changed, then just call us now!

Should You Really Use Refrigerator Water Filter for Ice Maker?

 In the present time, ice machines are becoming extremely popular in the catering industry where the ice production is required for a larger scale. If we talk about ice machines, they are usually found in cafes, bars, restaurants or any other settings. Besides, your refrigerator in home can come fitted with an efficient ice-maker which can dispense ice when needed. Using such machines, you can eliminate tap water contaminants such as bacteria, odor/taste problems, chlorine, sediments, etc. If you have a water filtration system for your ice machine, then you can enhance the overall quality of the ice.

General Electric MWF, MWFP, Refrigerator Water Filter, Kenmore 469991 Compatible (PACK OF 4) $95.00

Top Reasons to Own a Filtration System for Ice Maker

It is recommended by experts that you should use a filter for your ice machine. By using such filter, you can avail three benefits, for instance,

Minimize Repair, Cleaning or Maintenance Needs

Your ice maker needs to cleaned when it becomes dirty. If you don’t have a filter, then the natural minerals in water can start build up in the system. If you are living in an area where the hard water supplies, then you can see that this build-up will occur quickly. With the regular clean up, you can keep your ice machine in a great working condition. Using filtration systems, you can keep your ice maker more cleaner for a long time.

Kenmore Replacement Refrigerator Filter, 9081, 469081, 9930, or 469930 $35.99

Enhance Overall Ice Quality

There are so many ice machines available that can produce great ice with/without the usage of a filter. Nevertheless, you will notice that ice is changed – may be it may seem softer than normal or just a little cloudy. If you want to prevent numerous unwanted particles from the ice, invest in a filter and get ice with good aroma and taste.

Whirlpool Water Filter 4 (EDR4RXD1) replaces MAYTAG UKF8001 & Whirlpool-4396395, 1-pack $31.99

Aid in Great Ice Production

By investing in ice maker filters, you can improve the ice quality by eliminating dirt and rust. Hard or unfiltered water can contain all kinds of bacteria which can build up inside the machine that includes mold and lime scale.


When to Change Filters on Your Ice Machine?

You should replace your water filter every 6 months to one year. If we talk about water for ice machines, it is filtered with carbon which removes and dechlorinates chloramines. So, if you don’t change carbon filter on a frequent basis, the filtration system will make the water worse and will result in worse ice.

W10295370A, By Whirlpool, Refrigerator Water Filter 1, EDR1RXD1 Compatible, (Pack of 4) $95.99

How to Install an Ice Machine Water Filter?

Each of ice machines in the house comes with a waterline. The filtration system interrupts it in order to connect to the ice machine. When it comes to commercial ice machine, it needs a large filter which needs more complicated installation. On the other hand, a simple ice maker needs an inline filter that feeds your fridge. The key benefit of the ice filter is that you will get clear water which smells and tastes better.

ULTRAWF Water Filter for Frigidaire Refrigerator $30.99

So, interested in buying Water Filtration systems for your refrigerator ice maker? Just browse through our website today! Filterforfridge.com