Should You Really Use Refrigerator Water Filter for Ice Maker?

 In the present time, ice machines are becoming extremely popular in the catering industry where the ice production is required for a larger scale. If we talk about ice machines, they are usually found in cafes, bars, restaurants or any other settings. Besides, your refrigerator in home can come fitted with an efficient ice-maker which can dispense ice when needed. Using such machines, you can eliminate tap water contaminants such as bacteria, odor/taste problems, chlorine, sediments, etc. If you have a water filtration system for your ice machine, then you can enhance the overall quality of the ice.

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Top Reasons to Own a Filtration System for Ice Maker

It is recommended by experts that you should use a filter for your ice machine. By using such filter, you can avail three benefits, for instance,

Minimize Repair, Cleaning or Maintenance Needs

Your ice maker needs to cleaned when it becomes dirty. If you don’t have a filter, then the natural minerals in water can start build up in the system. If you are living in an area where the hard water supplies, then you can see that this build-up will occur quickly. With the regular clean up, you can keep your ice machine in a great working condition. Using filtration systems, you can keep your ice maker more cleaner for a long time.

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Enhance Overall Ice Quality

There are so many ice machines available that can produce great ice with/without the usage of a filter. Nevertheless, you will notice that ice is changed – may be it may seem softer than normal or just a little cloudy. If you want to prevent numerous unwanted particles from the ice, invest in a filter and get ice with good aroma and taste.

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Aid in Great Ice Production

By investing in ice maker filters, you can improve the ice quality by eliminating dirt and rust. Hard or unfiltered water can contain all kinds of bacteria which can build up inside the machine that includes mold and lime scale.


When to Change Filters on Your Ice Machine?

You should replace your water filter every 6 months to one year. If we talk about water for ice machines, it is filtered with carbon which removes and dechlorinates chloramines. So, if you don’t change carbon filter on a frequent basis, the filtration system will make the water worse and will result in worse ice.

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How to Install an Ice Machine Water Filter?

Each of ice machines in the house comes with a waterline. The filtration system interrupts it in order to connect to the ice machine. When it comes to commercial ice machine, it needs a large filter which needs more complicated installation. On the other hand, a simple ice maker needs an inline filter that feeds your fridge. The key benefit of the ice filter is that you will get clear water which smells and tastes better.

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