Going to Purchase Whole House Water Filters? Here’s a Guide for You!!

In any household, one of the most essential things is a water filter that values its overall health. Today, the market is filled with different models and makes to select from. But the question haunts everybody’s mind is ‘why do you require water filters?’ The source of your water is the municipal water feed. But do you know that your water distribution pipes are filled with microorganisms, debris, and dust? So, will you get the best drinking water solution? No, not at all! If we talk about water distributed by the municipality, it contains chemicals like fluoride and chlorine. Here comes the significance of using water filters. Such systems come equipped with one of four materials such as Ion Exchange, Distillation, Activated carbon, and Reverse Osmosis.

Should You Go with Water Filtration or Purification?

Most people prefer to boil water for purification. In most survivalist exercises and campsites, boiling water is considered as the most efficient system to eliminate contaminants. But the drawback is that it can’t remove higher boiling-point liquids and heavy metals. Today, most people opt for water filtration to filter the water of impurities.

Whole House Water Filters

Today, whole house water filters are considered as the most viable solution for your water needs such as cooking, bathing, showering, brushing the teeth, drinking, etc. They are available in two versions – standard capacity cartridge and heavy-duty filtration.

A) Standard Capacity Cartridge

If we talk about Standard Capacity Cartridges, they are basic cartridges which are either active carbon filters or ion exchanges that are placed as a unit by every individual outlet. Such filtration systems are needed to be changed on regular basis.

B) Heavy-duty Filtration

On the other hand, heavy-duty filtration units come with numerous membranes (RO) and filters and a 50-foot tank. Such units provide 5 to 7 years of purified as well as filtered water before changing the media.

Installation Process

When it comes to the installation of a heavy-duty filtration unit, you require a professional or a plumber who will visit your place and check out the requirements. Thereafter, he will suggest you which system will suit best for your place and budget/options offered. Keep in mind that heavy-duty water filters will be installed at the source of the water – the mains just after the meter.

If you are considering to install a standard capacity cartridge, it is something that you can place of your own or with the help of a plumber under every faucet at your home. 

Important Factors that You Should Consider When Water Filter Systems Installation

When installing a water filter at your home, you should keep in the mind various factors.

Filter Size
Flow Rate
Port Size
Filter Life

Water Filtration Systems Brands

However, there are so many companies available that offer such systems. But amongst all, top companies are:

Aqua-Pure AP110

The Aqua-Pure AP110 is the perfect model for all those who are budget-conscious homeowners and don’t want to make any compromise on quality. Its cartridge filters rust and dirt in addition to other contaminants. This model comes in an economical two-pack and should be changed in every 6 months.

Culligan D-20

On the other hand, Culligan D-20 utilizes a granular activated carbon filter that helps to eliminate excess chlorine and other contaminants. It is perfect for both well water and city water supplies. This filtration system is ideal for a year or 1,000 gallons.

Some other most popular brands are Pentek, Filtrex, Omnifilter, GE, and KX Technologies.

Summing Up

The market is filled with numerous household water filters and therefore, you should select them carefully according to specific household requirements. We, at Filter For Fridge, are one of the trusted online shopping stores from where you can purchase top branded water filters in just a few clicks. To know what we are offering, just explore our website now!